For over 20 years we have provided Southern California families with the highest standard of early education and care. Our personal partnership with families and commitment to community has been the cornerstone of our success. Our all-inclusive program means no hidden fees for curriculum, and our low teacher to child ratio, family-style dining, and individual attention to families creates a balanced and nurturing approach to early education. We make learning fun and exciting so your child will develop a positive outlook toward education. We provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment. We believe that children should be in a clean and orderly environment. Our school is clean and well supplied with age-specific curriculum and materials. Children are exposed to a wide variety of experiences to expand creative thinking, and make each day exciting and full of adventure.


We are a privately owned Christian preschool, established in 1996. With a ratio of 1:8 for two year olds and 1:10 for three year olds, our ratio of children per teacher is lower than the California State requirement. We also offer a broader scope of learning than most preschools. We have an exemplary academic program. We excite young learners with a fun and entertaining way of teaching. Special guests from our community such as firemen, veterinarians and dentists help your child learn first hand about their community. Linking your child to the community and their environment exposes them to issues such as water conservation, pollution and recycling.

Absolutely!  Our doors are always open.  You are welcome to visit or call at any time during the day. A Director or Site Supervisor is always available during school hours to discuss any concerns.

he health and well being of the children in our school is our primary concern.  Kaleidoscope is licensed by the San Bernardino County Department of Social Services. Our staff is CPR certified, fingerprinted and a child abuse index check must be completed before employment. We do not accept exemptions. All visitors must sign a visitors log in the office and show a picture I.D. A release form will be kept on file and children will only be released to authorized adults with proper photo Identification.

Redirection and positive reinforcement are our means for establishing good behavior. If results are not achieved through these methods, a meeting with the Director will take place to discuss your child’s individual needs.

Yes, from potty training to reading! We help with it all. We specialize in ages 2-6 years. Children learn in different ways throughout the changing styles of their lives. Your child’s age, developmental level and learning style is assessed so we can provide the optimum environment for your child’s unique needs. Our credentialed preschool teachers will help your child to feel comfortable and confident, in an atmosphere filled with excitement and discovery. Our classrooms will appeal to your child with age-appropriate learning materials to help your child achieve and grow.

We schedule regular recess as well as outdoor education.  Children will enjoy discovery hunts, digging for dinosaur bones, picnics and outdoor art. Splash days and popsicles fill the summer with excitement. Our slides, climbers and bike path encourages balance, agility, strength and endurance…and a whole lot of fun!