Your child will engage in age appropriate activities that help to develop social skills such as sharing, listening, and interacting with peers.  All our classrooms are clean, safe and designed to help your child develop independent learning skills through hands-on experiences that encourage self-direction, curiosity and confidence.  Your child will join along in circle-time, a morning welcome designed to help your child transition from home to school; singing, weather, day, date, month, flag salute, listening skills and introduction to daily themes will be included. Your child will also experience the following:

Literacy and Language

Cognitive Skills Development

  Science and Math

  Spanish and Sign Language

Music and Movement

  Creative Art

  Motor Skills Development


Health and Wellness

We Proudly Feature Scholastic Books


Weekly Chapel

A morning welcome and morning prayer begins our day. Our monthly character trait lessons and bible based programs introduce real life applications, such as diversity, empathy and kindness.

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